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Slot Games what are they and how do they work?

An online slot game is just like the land-based slots, where you have three or more reels on the screen, and a virtual lever. The reels will spin once you pull the lever. These video slots come with around 50 paylines, though they can even go to 100. Once you place the play button, the programs will draw five random numbers on each reel. After that, the reel numbers will stop based on the numbers that the Random Number Generator has assigned them. Here, the system will now calculate the complex mathematics behind your loss or win once the last reel comes to a stop.

gate-777-casino Slot Games what are they and how do they work?

Slot Games what are they and how do they work?

When picking a slot game, ensure that you consider the number of paylines available, the slot type, bet level, minimum/maximum win per payline, jackpot, and if it is mobile-friendly. The best slot games should have features like wilds, scatters, multipliers, bonus games, free spins, swooping/falling/cascading reels, re-spin, scattering events, as well as achievements.


Best 5 Slot Games Providers

If you are looking for slot game online, you should also consider the provider of that game. That being said, here are the top slot games online providers;


netentNet Entertainment is among the longest-serving software providers in the online gambling industry. It was established in 1996, which has released over 200 games since then. One unique feature about NetEnt is the advanced technology in games production, along with the sharp design of their games. You can be sure of playing high-quality games that are also under licensed titles.


  • Mobile compatible slots
  • Quality games with excellent graphics
  • Regular game releases
  • Regularly tested for fairness and compliances


  • Not available for US players


microgamingThis is another reputable slot games provider that has been in the industry for a very long time. It is known for some top-rated games and the large selection of online slots, along with progressive slots. The Microgaming-powered slots offer some of the biggest jackpots out there. Most of the highest jackpot payouts are attributed to Microgaming. It also provides a wide range of other online casino games.


  • Over 600 branded titles games
  • Available in mobile, instant-play, and download
  • Assured player safety and security
  • Huge no deposit bonuses, along with free spins promos
  • Offers the biggest progressive jackpots


  • No live dealers in Canada
  • Limited 3D games


This provider is another big player in the online casino gaming world. Playtech is the provider behind some of the biggest casino games, including amazing progressive slot games. This software provider has been offering some of the top games over the years, and they even provide some title slot machines like Iron Man.


  • You can customize your gaming experience
  • It has licensing deals to develop slots for Paramount Pictures and Marvel
  • You can play instantly from wherever
  • The security level is top-notch


  • Unavailable for US players

Evolution Gaming

This software provider was founded in 2006, and it’s known as a top vendor that deals with live dealer casino games, as well as slot games. This is a leading slot games UK provider that offers games like baccarat, blackjack, Casino Hold’em, roulette, among others. They offer high-quality games that come with smooth gameplay too.


  • They have hundreds of games available
  • Live games have excellent HD quality
  • It allows a multigame play
  • Top security features


  • They need a high-speed internet connection to run smoothly
  • Unavailable to US players


This casino software was founded back in 1980, but it still stands among the big players in the industry. It supplies gaming content to over 70 countries and has hundreds of game too. You can play their games on both desktop and mobile devices. Plus, this software provider uses the latest technology to offer the best slots and table games out there.


  • Excellent reputation
  • High-quality graphics in video slot games
  • Several 3D games available
  • Mobile gaming supported


  • Limited progressive jackpot titles

What are the types of Slot games?

Casino slot games come in different types, and here is a look at them;

slot games starburst

3-Reel Slot Game

This is also called the single line slot machine, and it is the best choice for a beginner. These games are easy to play and very much enjoyable. The game features three reels that have multiple symbols. If you click the spin button, the reels will start moving, and a Random Number Generator (RNG) stops it. This will stop on three symbols that land on the single line. The game will take a maximum wager of three coins for every spin.

Video Slots Games

These games are also called the multiple reel slots, and they come with five reels. They are usually made of unique sound, images, as well as graphics to enhance the game experience. This game also comes with reels with multiple symbols. Some video slots have up to 100 paylines to bet. They have more bonuses, high payouts, progressive jackpots, unlimited betting options compared to 3-reel slot games.

Free Spins Slot Game

These are just regular slots games that let you spin many times for free. This way, you always have a better chance to win in the game.

Bonus slot games

These games will let you enjoy a bonus game round. The bonus game round, in this case, will be triggered by some combinations and symbols on a specific active payline. The bonus game will normally be designed to complement the game’s theme.

Multi-level bonus slot game

This is also among the popular online slot games. This game consists of several levels that offer the opportunity to win increased rewards and profits. Once you get through the first level successfully, you will then move to the next until all the bonus rounds are finished.

Progressive Jackpot Slots – What Are They?

This is a type of jackpot that is offered with the online slot games. It is a type of jackpot that will continue growing as you play. They can grow to hundreds of thousands of dollars and even millions.

Normally, the progressive slot games will be linked across the machines, websites, casinos, and games. This will then make the total payout huge. After the progressive jackpot is won successfully, the game is reset, and the jackpot starts to build again.

There are several types of progressive jackpots, and they include the following;

  • Standalone progressive jackpot slots. These come with a single-game jackpot that’s not linked to any other slot game.
  • In-house progressive jackpot slots. This progressive jackpot is joined within one online slot casino or a set of online casinos that are under one umbrella. They offer high jackpot payouts because they are several games that contribute to the same jackpot.
  • Network progressive jackpot slots. This type of jackpot will span across the entire network of online casinos that share one platform. They tend to have a very high payout because the bets are normally placed on different games across a large number of online casinos.
  • Many progressive jackpot slots. This is a progressive jackpot that provides the players with the chance to win one of the three progressive jackpots named above.

Choosing the best Slot Games

If you are looking for the best slot games online website, you should consider some factors. Ensure that you choose a slot game from a reputable provider, consider a slot with high payouts, consider the liveliness of the slot game, and consider other players’ reviews. You should also consider some things like free spins, the wilds available, progressive jackpots available, and more.


A good online slot game should offer you all the features that will help you win high payouts and also have an easy time understanding it. Always consider the quality of the game, and how it feels when you play. Ensure that you find a slot game from the right provider. Even though the slot is a game that normally depends on luck, you still need some level of skills to win the high payouts.


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